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Dev Blog: v1.5 is out! Added Survival Mode

Friday, December 19th, 2014

Well it’s been around 6 weeks since my last update. Not only just because it took 15 days to release this update. The game underneath has had a massive overhaul, and there are lots of cool new features and integration like Game Centre for storing and checking survival mode scores. All those horrible weird bugs? All gone. Done. Fixed. Kaboom, Ah!

The game is now a lot more polished with music being changed to music  from to set the mood a little better and make it feel more like an action game.

There isn’t a whole ton I really need to say about this release, but I will talk about survival for a moment. I have made it, with a large degree of difficulty. Why? Because I figured in it’s nature people are bound to keep on trying to do better, etc. If it’s too easy they won’t bother. If it’s not too difficult either, maybe people won’t find it quite as fun. The added danger, is what I am pinning my hopes on people liking, and wanting them back to play this game mode again.

It’s available starting this morning over at the iOS App Store!

Enjoy 😛

Have a screengrab 🙂


Dev Blog: v1.4 Away to be Certified and iPhone Release

Sunday, November 2nd, 2014

There’s a ton of things I want to talk about on here. Before I start, I am thinking about something myself. I am wondering whether I should start divulging my thoughts and experiences on here, as well just the little updates. Maybe adds a personal touch, I don’t know. Would give me an excuse to write more I suppose 😛

So there’s a couple of pieces of news that I have.

Firstly, Project: Odyssey is on iOS!

Project Odyssey passed certification for iOS on Thursday night. Today is day 3 of downloads. I expect the download figures for up to today to be within the 22-25 range. Not huge, but I don’t really mind. The only place I have posted a link so far is the GameMaker forums, but when either v1.4 or v1.5 goes live I will maybe start sharing out a little more to get people interested.

Click to go to iTunes / App Store!

v1.4 is being certified!

I have sent off v1.4 for certification, it’s not a huge update but it has been a lot of polishing and little tweaks to make the playing of the game more understandable. It’s already out for windows phone.

The main changes here are:IMG_1118

  • Removing those horrible clouds just after launch and replaced them with a new particle effect
  • Adding icons to the numbers on the main game

All the changes can basically be shown in the screenshot to my right. I am also making the iPhone version universal, it’s not looking terrible on iPad any more but the slight difference in aspect ratios at the moment mean that there are black bars. Not great but at least it all looks in proportion. Looking at different resolutions is a problem that I have tried to tackle, not one in which I am having great success in at the moment. I am exploring the best options.

v1.5 And Beyond

I have some art in the making, some new objects coming and things, I am working on a survival mode and Ewan is starting to work on challenges. My ultimate goal is that somewhere along  the line challenges will integrate into game centre and it will send off people’s high scores. I hope to have survival done in a couple of weeks. In actual fact all the base of survival is done, I just feel it needs some polishing or something to add. It’s missing something, I can’t put my finger on it.

Thats everything 🙂

Project: Odyssey Hit v1.3 BETA!

Saturday, October 18th, 2014

Hey Guys!

It’s been a little while, I’ve been on holiday and stuff (I am actually writing this in the car home) and I have decided to delay a few new features. However I do have a massive update for y’all, so here’s whats new….


*Makes standard rocket faster, and upgraded speed for each engine level
*Added Music
*Fixed bug where max level for an upgrade was not coded in properly, going to the shop would cause a crash and a reset of player data
*Fixed the objects spawn/respawn code on level 2, they would jump around all over the place before
*Fixed collision code on level 2
*Stopped Darth Vadar from eating my sandwich
Some of the fixes here have been required for a little while, however after feedback from friends and my 8 YO niece I decided to make the standard rocket faster, it was a little too slow before. However in doing so I have made each engine level slightly faster as well, to see how it goes.
I have also added a screenshot on lthe second level, which will appear on windows phone store later on.
Oh my god that’s awesome… when does this awesome update release? 
TODAY! It will be approved for Windows Phone around 4PM (90 mins approx) and will come as an update later today or tomorrow, or if you can’t wait delete it and redownload when you see v1.3 is out. I suggest you redownload anyways so you can see the difference made to the basic rocket.
The Delay
Ok so here’s the thing. You know how I was meant to release survival mode on this release…. well it’s not happening yet. It’s coming but I want to look into ways of making it more fun, apart from having just objects spawn to avoid and having to avoid them. Any feedback or suggestions would be welcome.
The Good News
So last night I decided to check how the download figures were doing so far. Three weeks, fourth major release out today and so far around 67 downloads. No idea how, or why. More than expected! I am aiming to get it to 100 before the 29th (one month) but you never know.
The Maybe
Thinking of releasing to Windows 8.1 store. It works only for tablets though as it only supports portrait mode at the moment and there is also the issue of no keyboard controls.
Thanks guys for reading 🙂 Would love your opinion, advice, comments, anything!

Introducing – Project: Odyssey

Sunday, September 28th, 2014

For around 11 months now me and my friend have been working on a cool little concept of a game in our spare time. Over the last few weeks I have ironed out most of the bugs. I am confident in presenting to you, what we have so far. I hope you like it!



Project Odyssey is a game in which a user starts off with a basic rocket, and has to earn money and upgrade the rocket so that they can eventually get into space.

It features a second level where the user must also glide the rocket down towards the ground avoiding UFO’s and meteors.

Here are some screenshots:


I have coded an auto-randomising world with items and objects like blimps and UFO’s which change their position each time the world is loaded. I have also coded a rocket and fuel system from scratch.

Note: Music is not in this build.

Future Goals

Being that this is only the first of MANY Beta’s we have many goals for the project.

  • End-less competitive survival mode (which connects to leaderboards and services like Xbox live and iOS Game Centre
  • Android and iOS Builds (although we don’t have an iOS License at the moment)
  • More worlds
  • Challenges
  • Scenarios

We have submitted an .XAP to the Windows Phone store so you will be able to test demo within days. I have an XAP which I can provide if required however I wanted to wait until it had been certified so that it would be signed and encrypted.

I will also be writing a Dev Blog here as the game progresses.


Art – mAnik800 (find him over on the gamemaker forums, great vector artist) & Me

Music – LevelBard (my friend Euan)

Code – Me and my other friend Ewan

Any questions PM me or post it below!

The first (real) app I ever made

Sunday, July 27th, 2014

I was browsing the internet tonight when I remembered an application I made around a year ago, one in which I consider to be the first (real) app I ever made and one of the first I actually released. I say real because I have done programming at school for a couple of years, and although we make applications they have no real use out in the open world and they are all pretty repetitive.This app was breaking new territory for me, I had to learn a lot of new concepts and code to make it possible.

Being that I had no experience I was surprised by how it turned out. The interface is really well designed and the application has a fast, clean and smooth feel.

Introducing RasPi HQ (for Windows Phone only)

 2124f565-2109-407a-981f-30a0b7ab99c1With this application I wanted to do several things… 

Create a nice, easy and fast way to catch up on Raspberry Pi news, go to the discussions and occasionally read the Mag Pi. So I created an all round solution for dealing with all of this. 

This is the project in it’s current state. After a couple of months I decided to re-open the project files and look for a way to improve. I added notifications. At the time there was no notification centre for Windows Phone and push notifications were incredibly hard to do, and some methods require external servers, a liberty which I could not afford. So instead I came up with a compromise. I set up recipes in (google it) to either email or text the user (they opt-in to this service themselves) and then it emails them whenever  the RSS feed on the raspberry pi blog is updated. I use it myself and I find it to be a very good system. All of this is free for the user.

I look back on this, thinking of nicely it was made and how much thought and effort went into it. I believe it turned out so well as it was not just another application I was churning out, not just something else to be made and forgotten. It was an application I wanted to not only make, but use, and use it often I did. I now have an iPhone though. I still get the text notifications about blog post’s though, which is awesome :).

So that is that, my first ever released application. It is actually doing not bad either, it has around 1,750 downloads at time of writing. I am thinking of purchasing a license for Android and trying to recreate it for that, and make it a designated RSS reader instead of having an in app web browser like this app,

Introducing: “Project Nightstand”

Friday, June 13th, 2014

20140613-134233-49353797.jpg20140613-134234-49354111.jpgOver the years I have used iPods and the like as night stands, and for years they have looked like an htc’s home screen with the weather and the flip style clock. Even after the design evolution that was iOS 7 the style of these apps never changed. I have put together two similar, but slightly different designs (key word here is designs, I haven’t started to implement these designs yet).

It is a reimagining of a simple idea in a style that would make Johnny Ive proud. These are only designs but when implemented it will display current weather information, date, and act as an alarm. Ideal for use whilst iPhone is in dock. I am interested to look into releasing these designs into the real world as an app but although I could write the application I don’t currently have an Apple developer account to publish it and I don’t see that changing soon. I think I am most likely going to try and create an application similar to the style of the picture on the right.

Prototype 2 SuperImp Cropped