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Introducing – Project: Odyssey

Sunday, September 28th, 2014

For around 11 months now me and my friend have been working on a cool little concept of a game in our spare time. Over the last few weeks I have ironed out most of the bugs. I am confident in presenting to you, what we have so far. I hope you like it!



Project Odyssey is a game in which a user starts off with a basic rocket, and has to earn money and upgrade the rocket so that they can eventually get into space.

It features a second level where the user must also glide the rocket down towards the ground avoiding UFO’s and meteors.

Here are some screenshots:


I have coded an auto-randomising world with items and objects like blimps and UFO’s which change their position each time the world is loaded. I have also coded a rocket and fuel system from scratch.

Note: Music is not in this build.

Future Goals

Being that this is only the first of MANY Beta’s we have many goals for the project.

  • End-less competitive survival mode (which connects to leaderboards and services like Xbox live and iOS Game Centre
  • Android and iOS Builds (although we don’t have an iOS License at the moment)
  • More worlds
  • Challenges
  • Scenarios

We have submitted an .XAP to the Windows Phone store so you will be able to test demo within days. I have an XAP which I can provide if required however I wanted to wait until it had been certified so that it would be signed and encrypted.

I will also be writing a Dev Blog here as the game progresses.


Art – mAnik800 (find him over on the gamemaker forums, great vector artist) & Me

Music – LevelBard (my friend Euan)

Code – Me and my other friend Ewan

Any questions PM me or post it below!