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The first (real) app I ever made

Sunday, July 27th, 2014

I was browsing the internet tonight when I remembered an application I made around a year ago, one in which I consider to be the first (real) app I ever made and one of the first I actually released. I say real because I have done programming at school for a couple of years, and although we make applications they have no real use out in the open world and they are all pretty repetitive.This app was breaking new territory for me, I had to learn a lot of new concepts and code to make it possible.

Being that I had no experience I was surprised by how it turned out. The interface is really well designed and the application has a fast, clean and smooth feel.

Introducing RasPi HQ (for Windows Phone only)

 2124f565-2109-407a-981f-30a0b7ab99c1With this application I wanted to do several things… 

Create a nice, easy and fast way to catch up on Raspberry Pi news, go to the discussions and occasionally read the Mag Pi. So I created an all round solution for dealing with all of this. 

This is the project in it’s current state. After a couple of months I decided to re-open the project files and look for a way to improve. I added notifications. At the time there was no notification centre for Windows Phone and push notifications were incredibly hard to do, and some methods require external servers, a liberty which I could not afford. So instead I came up with a compromise. I set up recipes in (google it) to either email or text the user (they opt-in to this service themselves) and then it emails them whenever  the RSS feed on the raspberry pi blog is updated. I use it myself and I find it to be a very good system. All of this is free for the user.

I look back on this, thinking of nicely it was made and how much thought and effort went into it. I believe it turned out so well as it was not just another application I was churning out, not just something else to be made and forgotten. It was an application I wanted to not only make, but use, and use it often I did. I now have an iPhone though. I still get the text notifications about blog post’s though, which is awesome :).

So that is that, my first ever released application. It is actually doing not bad either, it has around 1,750 downloads at time of writing. I am thinking of purchasing a license for Android and trying to recreate it for that, and make it a designated RSS reader instead of having an in app web browser like this app,