Learning Unity 4 – “Fall Triggers”

Sunday, June 15th, 2014

So for whatever reason I have been compelled to start learning unity. Probably because even though I have tried to learn it in the past I am determined to master it. And so far the results have been good, and I am somewhat confident to start creating simple projects on my own.  The first of which I have made (with help of a guide) is a simple project called fall triggers.

Fall triggersThe idea behind it is that a simple character (which comes stock with the unity character controller) walks around on a cube and jumps around on to other cubes (in this case the blue cubes). He keeps jumping until he falls onto the lava cube (orange cube down below) which then teleport’s him back to the centre of the white cube. The ideas can be expanded, the simple idea could lead to you making more cubes for example and maybe a door to jump to another level, or maybe even an entire parkour type game (which I may try this afternoon, I am going to need to find assets and things so it doesn’t look terrible).

The guide for this can be found at: http://primerlabs.com/unity101

Stay tuned for more projects like this . I am close to finishing a game I have been making with a friend in Game Maker: Studio with my friend. I am hoping to release info on that project soon. 



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